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Innovative AKCP sensorProbe remote monitoring units from manufacturer AKCess Pro

For more than 3 decades, the well-known manufacturer AKCess Pro invents proven solutions for remote environmental, power and security monitoring.

Surely you will have heard about the AKCP sensorProbe series from AKCess Pro. Worldwide more than 100,000 customers use AKCess Pro`s monitoring solutions with success. Didactum, official AKCP / AKCess Pro Distributor, introduces you important features of the sensorProbe series.

The AKCess Pro sensorProbe series allows critical facilities monitoring and easy SNMP integration

Many environmental factors will play a very important role in your data rooms and server cabinets such as temperature and humidity variations, water damage, loss of air flow, smoke damage, power failures and many others. Therefor when these factors reach a critical state in your infrastructures they can cause catastrophic failures which can lead to not only loss of revenue but damage to your company’s reputation.

When these environmental factors mentioned above are not monitored and are allowed to go undetected without warning, most importantly in your critical central operations, server rooms etc., this can cause massive disruptions and expensive downtime. Therefore it is imperative to not only have a system in place that is reliable and flexible but also easy to implement.

The monitoring system must be available around the clock with a built-in automatic notification system. It also needs to be easily programmed to send out early warning alerts when thresholds are reached, or when factors become critical presenting the opportunity to be proactive. These early warnings and critical alerts need to be easily sent via email or by SNMP traps. It is also imperative that this system be completely SNMP compliant so that it can be easily integrated into any NMS (Network Management System) that can query it via SNMP get using a standard OID library and MIB file.

Monitoring and alerting to the critical environmental factors described with a facility monitoring system such as AKCess Pro`s sensorProbe device is required.

Tried and tested critical environmental control via Ethernet network

AKCess Pro`s sensorProbe systems offer among other features a simple to setup and use network based monitoring solution which provides dependable non-stop monitoring of many environmental factors via your web browser.

Any installation of software on a PC or server is not required because the AKCess Pro sensorProbe remote monitoring appliances work independently with their own built in IP based web interface. AKCess Pro`s sensorProbe appliances have also been subjected to a factory calibration so that each of the network-based sensor recordings can be started immediately.

Quick and Easy Setup of AKCess Pro`s sensorProbe remote monitoring units

Per the sensorProbe appliances plug-and-play feature all of the SNMP-compatible sensors will be auto-detected when plugged into any of the two, four or eight sensor ports on the sensorProbe controller. AKCess Pro`s intelligent sensor is then automatically displayed in the web interface for easy configuration of each sensors thresholds and alerts.

All of the sensors that can be connected to the AKCess Pro sensorProbe appliances can be extended using normal LAN cable. This provides easy flexibility for installing the sensors in your required monitored areas. After the AKCess Pro sensorProbe appliance is connected to a network switch, remote access is then possible via your web browser for fast configuration. Each sensor connected to the AKCess Pro sensorProbe controller can be configured individually from within the controllers web GUI. Then each of the sensors thresholds are easily set up as required along with the alert notifications.

AKCess Pro sensorProbe: Sensor monitoring with email alerts and SNMP traps

Each sensorProbe monitoring system from manufacturer AKCess Pro provides notification and alarm types such as e-mail and SNMP traps. MIB files and SNMP tools are included with every sensorProbe2/4/8.

sensorProbe temperature sensor example

When the temperature level has reached a warning state or critical level an individual text and the actual temperature can be sent via email or SNMP trap to several recipients. The temperature alarm from the production, storage or server room can be also trigger a siren for an audiovisual alert so your staff can respond more quickly to critical on-site environmental conditions. The AKCess Pro sensorProbe controller also supports sensors that can for example, turn on or off equipment such as fans or ventilators when critical temperature levels are reached. These desired actions are easily stored in the web front end of the AKCess Pro sensorProbe controller.

In the system log of AKCess Pro`s remote monitoring appliances, monitoring all critical events and actions are recorded and can be evaluated upon request at your central office or headquarters. AKCess Pro`s sensorProbes are very simple to use, fully SNMP enabled IP based remote environmental monitoring controllers. They are specifically designed for the critical monitoring and control within your infrastructures which include the query of the connected sensors via the network or web.

The AKCess Pro sensorProbe series features at a glance:

  • Embedded Web User Interface
  • Supports up to 2, 4 or 8 Auto-Sense Sensors (SP2, SP4 or SP8)
  • Supports up to 10 Dry Contact Inputs (sensorProbe2 DC)
  • The sensorProbe8-X20 supports 20 dry contact inputs
  • Full SNMP v1 compliance
  • Includes SNMP MIB and SNMP utilities
  • Full support for Nagios integration
  • Supports SNMP polling to allow sensor values to be collected and graphed
  • Sends Trap Notifications to NMS and SNMP-tools
  • Sends Email Notifications
  • Sends SMS (via 3rd Party eMail to SMS Gateway)
  • Configurable Sensor Thresholds
  • Includes a "Continuous Time" feature to eliminating false alerts and notifications